Being your best self equals Popcorn & Jelly Beans

Being your best self means realizing your potential.
Realizing your potential means learning to trust your instincts.
Learning to trust your instincts sometimes leads you to quit your job and start over.
Starting over means finding your passion.
Finding your passion means interning for no pay at entry level jobs (that you are overqualified for) in your field of interest.
Interning means long hours.
Long hours mean not being able to hang out with (and parent) Billie.
Not hanging out with Billie means Daddy gets to watch her.
And when daddy watches her they watch “Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs” and eat popcorn and jelly beans.

Commence with the long hours, universe.
I’m about to hit this shit outta the park.

But, first, someone get me some jelly beans.

Being your best self equals Popcorn & Jelly Beans

One thought on “Being your best self equals Popcorn & Jelly Beans

  1. Trusting your instincts is the best skill I’ve learned from you. I’m so happy you’re taking this leap. Just make sure you get her the good kind of jelly beans – those gourmet boxes with unique flavors like popcorn and cheese cake. #MomOfTheYear

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