Late Night Snacking

It is currently 3am.

Me: “Billie, go to sleep.”
Billie: “Mom, I love you so much.”
Me: “I love you, too. Now go to sleep.”
Billie: “I love you SO. MUCH. I love you a hundred thousand percent twenty if ten!”
Me: “20-if-10?”
Bille: “Yea. It’s a super big number.”
Me: “I’ll say. You’re loving me with numbers that don’t even exist yet.”
Billie: “Donut? Did you say donut?”
Me: “No. I said, ‘don’t even–‘”
Billie: “I just want a donut.”
Me: “Go to sleep.”
Billie: “A donut sounds delicious.”

Great. Now I’m hungry.

And we’re both wide awake.

…we might need to get donuts…

Late Night Snacking

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