Bibbity Bobbity Badass

Everytime I take her to see a movie, Billie insists upon staying after, running to the front of the theater, and dancing her little heart out to the credits.
I allow this mainly because it is awesome.
Most of the time, the few leftover folks in the theater just ignore her, or think she’s weird. But today, while the credits for Cinderella ran and Billie danced like crazy as per usual, a lone couple sat and watched her fling herself about the front of the theater with huge smiles on their faces.
As the final song of the credits blared and the employees of the theater began to enter to do their obligatory cleaning, the woman watching had had enough.
“Oh, hell!” I heard her say, “I can’t watch her dance and not join!”
So she got up and started dancing with Billie. Soon her partner joined in. Then, before I knew it, there we were: three grown ass adults dancing wildly with a five year old in a near abandoned theater to a spirited rendition of “Bibbity Bobbity Boop.”

As we left, sweaty and more out of breath than we should’ve been, the man said to the lady, “There’s a hospital right down the street. They might have to admit us because I’m pretty sure we’re crazy.”
Billie responded, “Yea! That was crazy! And it made my whole day!”

Bibbity Bobbity Badass

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