A Feel Good Story… Sorta. Kinda. Not At All.

While walking Billie to school today, Doug and I noticed she had a pad of post-its she was writing on. She informed us she was writing a story for her teacher. “How cool!” I say, “May I read it?”

So she hands it over. 

The first post-it was a picture of a dog sighing. Above it read, “I used to like my dad”

Catchy first page. I flipped the page to continue. 

The next page had a snarling dog shoving another dog into its mouth. It read, “…until he ate all my friends.”
I looked at Billie for a solid ten seconds. She returned my stare.

“I’m not done,” she informed me, “it’s a love story. My teacher’s gunna really like it!”
…Our parent teacher conference is going to be one for the books, y’all.

A Feel Good Story… Sorta. Kinda. Not At All.

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