Refined Taste

​Outside the restaurant we just ate at, there were two girls painting winter themed pokemon onto the front window. Billie left her seat multiple times to go out and study them. When we finally left, I said goodbye to the ladies and thanked them for being some of Billie’s favorite artists 

“Actually, you’re not my favorite artists,” Billie countered, “Leonardo is.”

The girls just stared at her.

“And not the Ninja turtle, either. The painter and inventor Leonardo. Da Vinci? Maybe you’ve heard of him?”

At this point the girls laughed.

“Well, that’s a good one!” One of them said.

“Yup.” Said Billie, “You’re a close second, tho!”
I’m sure Mr. da Vinci will be quite pleased to know that his work is in close competition with Pikachu in a Santa hat.

Refined Taste

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