Wherein I Have Promised To Marry A Marshmallow

Rental car guy: “Alright, Miss, your car is right this way.”

Billie: “Hey, Mom?”

Me: “Yes, love?”

Billie: “if I ever die can you do me a favor and marry a marshmallow?”

Rental car guy: “Whoa. What??”

Me: “Hmmm. What is the logic behind me marrying a marshmallow?”

Billie: “Well, I know you would be super sad if I ever died. But, you would also be married to a marshmallow. And that is hysterical. So as sad as you got, you could still be able to find the funny in the situation.”

Rental car guy: “Ok, real talk: that is the craziest thing I have ever heard. But then she explained her logic and now I agree with her. I’m really thinking you should marry a marshmallow. I feel really crazy for agreeing with her. But, man, I agree with her.”

Me: “Welcome, bro. You get used to it.”

Wherein I Have Promised To Marry A Marshmallow

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