What You Were Born For

Billie: “What was I born for?”

Me: “I don’t know.”

Billie: “WHAT. You’re my MOTHER. How could you not know what I was born for?!”

Me: “Well, I don’t know what you were born for because that’s something you get to decide. Were you born for saving the world? Or for bringing happiness to those who need it most? I can help you get there but, in the end, you have to choose.”

Billie: “Oh. I get it. Then I already know what I was born for.”

Me: “Oh, yea? What’s that?”

Billie: “I was born for creating art, being super intelligent, eating, and disrupting conversations. In that order, I think.”

Me: “Those are awesome things to be born for.”

Billie: “Oh, I know. Now let’s get weird and cuddle like cats.”

What You Were Born For

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