Doug: “Your bangs are on point, B.”
Billie: “Thank you. The hair lady tried to talk me out of them.”
Doug: “She did?”
Billie: “Yea! She kept saying, ‘Are you sure?’ and ‘They won’t look like the ones you’re used to seeing.’ and I was like, ‘I know, lady. That’s why I want them.” And she kept saying, ‘Oh, I’m not pushing you to not do it. It’s just they might be uneven,’ and ‘I don’t want you to be disappointed,” and I was sticking to my guns, Dad–”
Doug: “You stick to those guns, Billie!”
Billie: “–And I told her, ‘Nope. I still want them’ and she kept saying, ‘Are you sure? Are you sure?’-”
Doug: “Heck YES you were sure!”
Billie: “Indeed I was! And now look at me!”
Doug: “Look at you!!”
Billie: “I’m gorgeous!”
Doug: “You’re gorgeous!”
Billie: “I told her, dumb lady.”
Doug: “Yes you did!!! You told her!! I’m so proud of you, Billie. You are the best!”
Billie: “And that lady?”
Doug: “Could learn a thing or two from you. You know style.”
Billie: “Yup!”
Doug: “Yup.”


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