A Righteous Gift

FLASHBACK: May 24, 2015

I found an extra $20 in the ATM at the restaurant we frequent. I confronted the cashier and asked him how I could find the last person who used the ATM so I could return it. His response was rather epic. It went on for about 3 minutes and included such gems as, “oh, like hell I would tell you even if I did know what yahoo left their money behind. It’s yours now,” “a GIFT yo! A righteous gift from the universe!” And “you earned it, damnit! You’re a good person and you got bills! You keep it!”

It was super empowering.
He even added a hearty “huzzah” and fist bumped Billie.

So of course I put the $20 in the tip jar.
He rewarded me by making the staff sing Billie a song.

I’ve never seen her smile so big.

A Righteous Gift

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