Of Course.

As part of my “indoctrinate my kid with all the awesomeness I can while she’s still at an impressionable age” master plan, I have instituted nightly “Harry Potter” reading sessions. At first, we read about 3 pages a night with the promise that she could read a book of her choosing once the 3 page maximum had been hit.
But now? Oh, now she’s addicted. She foregoes all other books just to add more pages onto her nightly Harry Potter limit. She’s 20 pages away from the end of “The Sorcerer’s Stone” and is about to teeter over from the excitement of it all.
And, just as I’m about to pat myself on the back for being such a badass mommy, I decide to ask her which character she would like to be most.
“Fluffy,” she responds.
The three headed dog, guys. The angry, rabid, terrifying three- headed dog.
I ask her why.
“Because I like dogs. I want to be one. And this way I could be three at once!”
Oh, alright. Fair enough.
“What other character would you like to be?”
“Professer Snape, of course!”
Why, again?
“I want to be powerful. And get kids in trouble. Kick ’em outta the castle. Kick ’em a lllll outta the castle. Maybe put them in my cauldron and eat them for dinner. Yes.”

I started this journey patting myself on the back. Now I fear I just gave her more ideas…

Of Course.

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