Art Thou Not Entertained?

In reference to:  This Video

I showed this to Billie and she’s been obsessing over it all day. This is the conversation we had as I put her to bed tonight:

Billie: “Mom, that architect, he made that beautiful church and then he died. He never saw it. He never got to see his own art.”

Me: “No. But, sometimes that’s not why you create things. Sometimes you create things to bring joy and to help other people even if you aren’t around to see the results.”

Billie: “So he creates this amazing thing and he doesnt even get to see people looking at it? He doesnt get to watch them as they tell him how great it is?”

Me: “No. He doesn’t. He put his heart and soul into something and he knew he wasn’t going to live to see it but he created it anyway. He probably thought that other people enjoying it was more important than him seeing it completed.”

Billie: “That sounds like it would take a lot of work. And love.”

Me: “It definitely would. It would take both of those things.”

Art Thou Not Entertained?

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