Pokemon No.

Me: “One of your eggs hatched while you were at school. I was able to evolve it, so I did. Here it is, isn’t it cool?!?”

Billie: “Wait. So it was just borned and then you made it evolve?”

Me: “*Born* and well, yea… Now we got a new creature to add to our pokedex!”

Billie: “Yea, but, he was just born. He just hatched out of his egg. And you went and changed him. That has to be hard. And scary. Like, he barely got time to spend time with himself how he was and then you made him change into something else super fast. What if he needed time with himself, mom?? Huh??”


Y’all. I can’t with this. Next time there’s a super popular app out there please don’t tell my kid about it. …Catchin’ feelings over pokemon… Aye.

Pokemon No.

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