Rage Against The Xbox

Me: “I love that you have lofty aspirations.”

Billie: “I don’t know those words.”

Me: “‘Lofty’ and ‘aspirations?’ Well, they mean-”

Billie: “No. I don’t know those words because I haven’t leveled up yet.”

Me: “-You what now?”

Billie: “I haven’t unlocked that skill, Mom. ‘Lofty’ and ‘aspiration’ are level 8 words.”

Me: “Level 8? You mean, like, age 8? As in, you haven’t learned those words yet because you’re only 7 and not 8?”

Billie: “Ugh. Yes. That’s what I just said.”

Me: “But you can learn any word no matter your age. There’s no ‘locked skills’ in life.”

Billie: “Everything’s a locked skill until you learn it, Mom. You should know that. Aren’t you on level 80 or something?”

…I might be throwing her video games out the window soon.

Rage Against The Xbox

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