True Love

While watching “Raiders of the Lost Arc:”

Billie: “Why are the girls looking at him like that?”

Doug: “They think he’s dreamy.”

Billie: “What does that mean? That they like him?”

Me: “Yea, as in they have dreams about him because he’s so cute. She wrote “love you” on her eyelids so, every time she blinked, she was sending him a message of her love.”

Billie: “Whoa. That’s intense. He’s not THAT dreamy.”

Me: “Are you kidding me? That man is hella dreamy. I’d write “love you” on every body part I had if I thought it would do me any good.”

Billie: “Father. Do you hear this? Your wife thinks another man is dreamy.”

Doug: “Billie, that’s Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones. I do not fault your mother one bit.”

True Love

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