JoJo’s Across The Ages

Billie: “Have you heard of the singer JoJo?”

Doug: “Of course!”

Billie: “Yea, she’s really cool. All the kids at my school love her. She has this song called ‘Boomerang.'”

Doug: “Oh. We’re talking about a different JoJo.”

Billie: “Yea, my JoJo has a song everyone loves.”

Doug: “My JoJo had a song that everyone loved called ‘Get Out.'”

Billie: “Well, the kids love my JoJo.”

Doug: “I mean, the JoJo I’m talking about was really popular too.”

Billie: “Ok. But this JoJo is young.”

Doug: “Well, the JoJo I was talking about was young, too.”

Billie: “Dad. I’m talking, like, born in this century. Not 1892.”

Now Doug’s playing JoJo’s ‘Get Out’ on repeat while she screams ‘Not the same, old man! NOT THE SAME.’

JoJo’s Across The Ages

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