So Grateful

I feel like there is some sort of magical “parental rhetoric” part of your brain that gets unlocked after living with a child for years. Like, I say the the phrase, “Because I said so” now. And the other day I had a full on call and response conversation WITH MYSELF. 

Me: “Here’s your lunch, B.”

Billie: “…”

Me: (Now mimicking Billie) “Why, thank you ever so much, mother! I am truly indebted to you for your constant consideration of my needs!”

Billie: “…”

Me: “Hey, Bills. No problem! It’s a pleasure to do things for such an observant and grateful human!”

Billie: “…”

Me: (as Billie) “Oh, Au Contraire ma mere! I am not grateful enough! I love you endlessly and see your daily sacrifices for me and am endlessly thankful to you!”

Billie: “…”

Me: “Anytime, my heart. It a pleasure to be your mother.

(Now as Billie:) And it’s a pleasure to be your daughter! I love you! (Now as me again) I love you, too!”

Billie: “You done?”

Me: “Yes. I am.”

Billie: “Because you forgot my water.”

So Grateful

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