Doug: “What starts with ‘T’, is filled with ‘t’ and ends with ‘t?'”
Me: “Ooh! I know!”
Doug: “Billie has to guess. It our riddle time.”
Billie: “Uhh… Ttt?”
Doug: “Nope.”
Billie: “DANGIT!”
Doug: “Ok, mom’s turn to guess.”
Me: “I’ll give you a hint, B. (Starts singing) 🎶I’m a little–🎶”
Billie: “Turtle?”
Me: “🎶Short and stout🎶”
Billie: “A fat turtle?”
Me: “🎶Here is my handle, here is my spout🎶”
Billie: “A teapot?”
Me: “Yea, get it? Because the word ‘teapot’ starts and ends with the letter ‘t’ and a teapot is filled with–”
Billie: “Water?”
Me: “Tea, Billie. Tea.”
Billie: “Oooooohhh!”
Me: “Get it, now?”
Me: “Or you can just say thank you.”
Doug: “I think that was her way of saying ‘thank you.”
Billie: “Yea, mom! It’s a riddle!”
Me: “I’m not confident she knows what a riddle is.”
Doug: “Hence why we’re practicing.”

Doing the Lord’s work, that man.


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