Bald Spots

Doug: *Sleeping*
Billie: “Dad!”
Doug: *Sleeping*
Billie: “Dad!”
Doug: “mmm?”
Billie: “Daaaad! I just watched a commercial and it said men lose their hair by 35. YOUR ALMOST THIRTY FIVE. We gotta check your hair. Gimme your head.”
Doug: *Goes back to sleep*
Billie: *Studying his hair* “Hmm. Just as I suspected. There’s a bald spot here and here and–”
Doug: *Mumbling with eyes closed* “Your face is a bald spot.”
Billie: “I think your bald spots have bald spots.”
Doug: “Mmmrnfgoghmpphhh”
Billie: “We’ll get you some medicine. I’ll make the call.”

Bald Spots

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