Round Loaf

Me: “I love you, my love. So much.”

Billie: “Well, I love you more.”

Me: “Not possible. I love you more than all the love combined.”

Billie: “Mom. Think about this. My love for you is the only love I’ve known for my entire life. Think about that. Every second I have lived- I have loved you. No one can love you more than that.”

Me: “But the love I have for you is stronger than any subjective and weird timeline…?”

Billie: “But my love for you is stronger than numbers. I can’t even measure it with numbers.”

Me: “What can you measure it in? Time? Color? Music?”

Billie: “Food. I can measure my love for you in food.”

Me: “Really?”

Billie: “Oh, Yea. My love for you is bread. I love you bread. Bread wins over anything.”

Shit. I think she wins this round…

Round Loaf

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