Teacher’s Pet

Billie: “Today at class, my teacher was making us write all these sentences but everyone’s hands were hurting so I asked him if we had to write the full sentences or just write the spelling words and do you know what he did?”

Me: “What did he do?”

Billie: “In this super sarcastic voice he said, ‘Okaaaay everyone, apparently Billie doesn’t understand simple instructions so we’re going to go over it onnnneee moooree tiiiimmmeeee. You’re going to write the FuLl SeNTeNcE allll the waaaay through. Do you get it now, Billie????'”

Me: “Did you say ‘No, I don’t. Perhaps if you sarcastically humiliate me more I might. Seems like an effective teaching strategy?'”

Billie: “Wait. Can I say that to him?”

Doug: “No.”

Me: “Yes.”

Doug: “Billie you should not say that.”

Me: “Billie you should say that. You teach people how to treat you, right? Let’s start ya on that practice now.”

Billie: 😳

Doug: “Hezz. You’ll get B in trouble.”

Billie: “Yea, mom. You’ll get me in trouble.”

Me: “I mean, I would LOVE to be called into the principal’s office over that. It would make my damn day. I’ll have your back, B. Just don’t be disrespectful and don’t cuss.”

Billie: “It’s settled. I’m doing it.”

Me: “Cool.”

Billie: “I might cuss a little.”

Doug: 🤦🤦🤦

Teacher’s Pet

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