Cooler Than You

My mom: “Billie, if you could be any character from ‘Frozen’ who would you be?”

Billie: “I would be the angry ice snowmonster that Elsa creates to protect her.”

My mom: “That is probably the coolest answer ever.”

Billie: “Of COURSE it’s cool. HE’S MADE OF ICE.”

Cooler Than You

“Dude. She’s Fine.”

Doug said Billie was sick.

I said she wasn’t.

“It’s just as cough,” I said. “She’ll walk it off,” I said.

But Doug persisted. “Billie is sick,” he said.

“Right. Yea, Okay. She’ll be fine. If it persists after a week we’ll call a doctor,” I said.

That was 2 weeks ago.

Tonight Billie coughed so hard she threw up on me.

Five. Times.

Hey guys, guess what?

Billie is sick.


Doug is going to be UNBEARABLE after this.

“Dude. She’s Fine.”