A Little Bit of Both

FLASHBACK: November 23, 2013

I just walked in on Billie desperately cupping the poor dog’s face with both hands while pleading, “tell me. Just tell me! TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT TO BEEE!!!”

When I inquired as to why we were screaming at the dog like some wack job televangelist she replied:

“Jazzie won’t tell me what she wants to do with her life, mommy!! I need to know what she wants to be- I NEED TO KNOW!!”

Um. I didn’t have the mental capacity to explain to her, you know, basic animal biology so instead I just told her that Jazzie wanted to be a Lion and paint rainbows with her mane.

So now Billie is in the other room making the dog a Lioness Headress thing out of plastic bags and watercolors.

I can’t tell if I’m a lazy parent or a brilliant arts and crafts teacher.
…That’s true for most days, actually.

A Little Bit of Both

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