Get Well Soon?

FLASHBACK: January 12, 2013

Doug: “Billie, mommy’s not feeling very well today so I need you to be a super nice big girl for her. Can you do that for me?”
Billie: “Super big girl?”
Doug: “yes.”
Billie: “Come here, momma. Let’s jump!!”
Doug: “No- wait. That’s not what I meant–“
Billie: (now on top of me, jumping up and down while I try to sleep) “MOMMA!!!! THE HIPPO’S GUNNA EAT YOUR FACE!!!! RUN.”
Doug: “Billie, sweetie, that’s not what big girls do—”
Billie: “BIG GIRLS RUN from the hippo, DADDY. They RUN.”
Doug: “No- she needs to rest—”
Billie: (now straddling my face and grabbing both my ears) “Rest. And get EATEN.”

This is what happens when you get sick in our house, folks. Someone tap me out. This hippo shit is intense.

Get Well Soon?

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