Billie: “Apparently today was ‘hat day’ at school for Autism Acceptance week. But I didn’t wear a hat because they didn’t call it ‘hat day.’ They didn’t even call it ‘crazy hat day.’ You know what they called it?”

Doug: “What?”

Billie: “They called it ‘Hat’s Off for Autism’ So of course I didn’t wear a hat because it said ‘Hat’s Off!’ It was right there in the title! No. Hats. If they wanted us to wear hats they shoulda called it ‘Hat’s On!”

Doug: “Yea, they should’ve definitely been more literal with the messaging especially for Autism week.”

Billie: “EXACTLY. None of the autistic kids wore hats! How are you going to have a week for Autism and not communicate how autistic children need? IT’S RIDICULOUS.”

Doug: “Sure is, Billie. You tell ’em.”

Billie: “And dad?”

Doug: “Yes, love?”

Billie: “I had a really good hat in mind, too.”

Doug: “I’ll bet you did, Bills. I’ll bet you did.”


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