The No Thank You Bite

I thought I was a freaking genius when I instituted the “no thank you bite” rule.
I thought I was freaking brilliant.
You see, Billie has always had an issue branching out and trying new foods.
She, quite unlike her mother, is a creature of habit. If you gave her the same meal for the rest of her life she would probably be just fine.
Hence the “no thank you bite” rule.
It compels her to take a bite of everything on her plate, even if she doesn’t really want to. She tries it once, says “no thank you” and we move on. 70% of the time she decides that whatever she just put in her mouth was actually delicious and, despite saying a quick “no thank you” after tasting it, she ends up going back to it.
Thus my daughter expands her food horizons, makes healthier choices, and, most importantly, I feel like a good parent.
Except when it backfires.
Apparently, in my excitement of instituting the “no thank you bite” rule, I forgot to also institute parameters. Namely parameters that prohibited me from having to be responsible for any “no thank you” bites…

I have had to eat some really disgusting stuff, guys.
No amount of “no thank you bite” solidarity is worth this.

Worse? Her talents for negotiation are growing. The following conversation ensued last night:

Billie: “Mommy, can you put a baby in your belly, please? I want a brother or sister. Please?”
Me: “No, baby. Not anytime soon.”
Billie: “How about a ‘no thank you’ try?”
Me: “…”
Billie: “Yup! You have to! A no thank you try!!”

I… I… Just…


The No Thank You Bite

The Princess That Looked Like Her

I have not had the best day today.

After the hellish world of suck, I still had to pick up Billie from school and go grocery shopping.

Grocery shopping with a hyperactive 4 year old is like trying to bottle lightening.

Anyways, while in the store, she sees a princess Tiana costume.

….Now, Billie already has costumes. Loads of ’em. That child lives her life in costumes. But I have never seen her eyes go so big or her smile get so wide.

“MOMMY! SHE LOOKS LIKE ME! THAT COSTUME IS FOR ME!! She has curly hair like mine, mommy!! She’s pretty like me. And she’s a princess!! Mommy. I have never seen anything more beautiful. Have you seen
anything so beautiful?”

There were four other people around us at the time. Two women with a kid, and an older, middle-aged, white guy with glasses. The women with the kid gave me an understanding smile, but it was when the man with the glasses made eye contact with me that I realized he was about to cry.

He said, “if you don’t get her that costume, I am buying it for her.”

So now, in addition to all the others, we have a new costume. But this one feels particularly special to me.

And my bad day just got a little more magical.


Thanks, Billie. Mommy loves you.

The Princess That Looked Like Her