Since We’re Talking About: Failing (At Fine Motor Skills)

FLASHBACK: February 18, 2014

I got Billie a new cat cup. Basically it’s a cup with a twist on top of a cartoon cat. Billie thinks it’s positively magical and takes it with her wherever she goes. Only it’s not magical. It’s evil. I can’t get the damn thing to twist on and stay there to save my life.

Billie: “Mommy! You spilled water on me!”
Me: “Bills- I’m so sorry. It’s this cup- I can’t figure out how to keep the top on.”
Billie: “It’s ok. Maybe you need daddy to do it.”
Me: “I’m sure I can figure it out.”
Billie: “Mommy- you look really angry at the kitty cat. It’s my cup. You need to be nice to the cup.”
Me: “I’m not angry, I just— UGH. FRIGGIN SERIOUSLY??”
Billie: “Mommy. You got water on me again.”
Me: “Dude. I’m sorry. Can we just get you a new cup?”
Billie: “I don’t think it’s the kitty cat’s fault. And I need new pants, too. You gave these ones a bath.”
Me: “Billie, love, I’m sorry—”
Billie: (pats me on the shoulder) “It’s ok, mommy. My cat cup is really smart. You’ll get it next time. But I really need new pants now.”

There is a moment in every child’s life where their parent stops being a superhero in their eyes.
…I believe this was that moment for me.
I was foiled by a f*cking kitty cat cup.

Since We’re Talking About: Failing (At Fine Motor Skills)

Since Our Theme Is: Failing

Every week I’ll write an original post followed by a series of memories/ flashbacks from Billie’s earlier life that fit that theme.

Thanks to this ( lovely little starter post, our theme for this week shall be failing.

It’s OK to fail. Especially as a parent. In fact- imagine if you didn’t fail. If you were a perfect parent. Your kid would be the most sheltered, privileged little turd muffin this side of the Milky Way. And we don’t want that, do we?

So fail, ya’ll. Fail hard. And Often.

Here’s a story about that one time I jeopardized a dead rabbit, burned oil, and taught my 2 year old how to cuss:

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Since Our Theme Is: Failing