Our theme of the week: Healing

Before this month we had never really met the three year old boy in the apartment above us. He’s lived there for over a year but, despite our many efforts to set up a play date, we very rarely saw him.

Then, three weeks ago, his father passed away.

The mother and grandmother asked us for help so, for the last 3 weeks we’ve been watching him a couple days out of the week, 5-8 hours each time.

In all that time, he’s said 3 words to me. He refused to speak or look me in the eyes. I rarely saw him smile.
But today we had a breakthrough. He hugged me. He told me jokes. We chased squirrels together. He accidentally called me “mommy.”

Billie noticed the change, too. She said, “Wow. You’re smiling now and you have so many words!”
He responded, “Yea. My smile is getting fixed slowly. I have words now.”

I’m doing everything I can not to bubble snot cry on this here playground. That kid just showed me that it’s possible for the heart to shatter and heal at the same time.

Our theme of the week: Healing

Since We’re Talking About Being Different (with a Dark Sense of Humor)

FLASHBACK: September 23, 2012

Billie has three toys she’s playing with right now. A zebra, a dog, and a cow. She’s been trying to stand them up on her lap for the past 10 minutes. Inevitably, the zebra knocks the cow over who then knocks the dog over and all three fall onto the floor. Finally, she gets frustrated and sits on all three of them while crossing her arms indignantly.

I looked at her, sitting on her animals in silent rage, and asked, “Um. What are you doing?”
Her response?
“It’s the circle of life.”

…….oh. my. god.
I don’t know whether I’m raising a genius or a sadist but I’ve been on this couch laughing to myself for the past 10 minutes.

Since We’re Talking About Being Different (with a Dark Sense of Humor)