Today’s Billie Quotes

“I can’t take a shower. All I can do is stay alive. And poop.”


“The Sandman got me in my eyes. Right in my eyes. All they want to do is close. I don’t think he knew that I was trying to party.”

Today’s Billie Quotes


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Zombie Billie
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Billie: “You’re wrong, mom. I did not eat the candy. I just bit it with my teeth. I said, ‘oh, yous a bad candy. I will bite your face off!’ and I bit it. I didn’t eat it, mom. My mouth just put it in time out.”


Since We’re Talking About Failing (With Sass)

Me: “What’s the magic word?”
Billie: “Eat.”
Me: “Nope. Not the magic word. Try again.”
Billie: “Now?”
Me: “Still no- Come on, baby. If you want something you have to say ‘pa-pa-pa—-?”
Bille: “Pa- MORE?!!!!”

September 8, 2011

I don’t think we were getting the whole concept of manners at this juncture.
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